Fun Asia expo is an fun event held in Jakarta, Indonesia every two years, aiming to meet the objectives of all interested parties on the topic of the future of Indonesia and the Asia Amusement Market.

Fun Asia expo 2018 was held on July 25-26 at the D2 Hall of the Jakarta International Exhibition Center (Address: Hall D2 Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran), attracting more than 70 manufacturers, design companies, operators and suppliers. This exhibition range includes theme parks, water parks, home entertainment centers, game centers, entertainment centers and leisure facilities. Exhibits include amusement rides, landscape arcades, game consoles, VR/AR virtual machines, laser games, paradise design and concepts, and so on. Compared with the previous Fun Asia exhibition, this year's exhibition area is larger than the previous area.


This year's Fun Asia expo, clients from Southeast Asia region accounted for the majority of buyers, in addition to local Indonesian professional buyers, it also attracted buyers from nearby countries to participate. Among all 70 exhibitors at the exhibition, there are more than 30 exhibitors are from China. 

In addition to participating in the exhibition, we also visited local customers after the exhibition. The client operates a well-known chain indoor amusement center in Jakarta. After the Guangzhou exhibition in March this year, customers purchased two sets of Oriental train from us. 




Fun Asia Expo in Jakarta, 2018