— Cooperation with Cartoony World —

The 1st clown trackless train was sold in China.

Cartoony, a famous amusement game center, saw our clown trackless train and showed interested to buy one to install in their new shopping mall that in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, it gained a fast return , after that cooperation, they built up confidence with us and we planned for the next business chance - to make a cartoony theme special clown trackless train and installed in their coming game centers in China and abroad. We changed the design of the locomotive face , and adjusted the colors to match their theme. Here you can see the final train at their site.

Another OEM design was from Teddy Bear, Shanghai.

The Shanghai customer authorized us to use Teddy Bear to make their own design train. In the future, welcome for more OEM/ODM orders, we are grateful to see our trains all around the world! 

Joker is a lovely character in the world, everyone, especially the kids are always attracted by them with balloon! One day, one idea come out, why not make a train with joker as the theme? After referred to mass paper work related with joker, clown, we got some ideas, such as, the main colors might be red/yellow/blue/ we have to consider that how to mix these colors in a train? How to design the character of the locomotive and wagons? All wagons are the same design or better to make some different shapes? Who are our main customers? Kids below 3 or even up to 10 ?


Hmm..there was a long night as we had to consider a lot... 


Two weeks passed, we got an initial drawing...


Lou as our chief designer prefer to make a BIG FACE as the locomotive, plus it's smile, he was confident that it could be much more attractive, basically, we supported his idea, regarding to the wagon, how nice would it be if we could seat with a joker! So we came out an idea to design a joker character and later we called it as Mr. Clown to be seated on the 2nd wagon, we also considered our customer probably use the train outdoor, therefore, we must design a roof in another wagons! In the next steps, we worked out the issue of colors, lights and made the final design.